Welcome to the Zone S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Where dreams become reality, but so have nightmares. A radiation coated wasteland, teeming with mutants and anomalies. Many enter in search of fame, glory, money, and hope... Few ever leave

Requiem of the Zone

R.O.T.Z. is our attempt at building a Multiplayer STALKER expierence in DayZ.

We are a group of idiots that made a server, play at your own risk...

The goal is to get the PVE side of the server dialed in to encourage "progression" and player movement through-out the map. Once that is achieved, the hope is that PVP develops naturally across the map, potentially influencing certain areas to become hot spots. It is not PVP focused, however, we want to encourage PVP as much as possible to add variety to each life. If there is a choice to be made that will positively effect PVE but reduce PVP, PVE will be chosen. (There are exceptions for every rule but this will be the general guideline that the server follows.) This is primarily because we want the server to be fun and interesting to play whether there is 1 player or 100 on the map.

We have ideas for additional content that we would like to see on the server and what is actively in the works, we will do our best to keep you informed as to what that is. Additional input for content to add to the server, from the player-base, will be intentionally limited. There will be an "account reset system"/prestige added to the server. After players have completed the entire gameplay loop, we will open up a channel for those people to provide input on the server. This is to limit the influence of those individuals that do not fully understand the goals of all aspects of the server. (Bugs and other related issues are encouraged to be reported by all.)

If a topic is opened to the wider player-base for input we will do our best to attempt to take that input and implement it and/or add context as to why it was not.

Some liberties will be taken with stalker lore, but these will be things we still believe fit into the core essence of the stalker franchise.

Clear communication with the server's player base is one of our core goals. At the end of the day, we're a group of friends that decided to build the experience we wanted to play together in.

-See you in the Zone STALKER