Welcome to the Zone S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Where dreams become reality, but so have nightmares. A radiation coated wasteland, teeming with mutants and anomalies. Many enter in search of fame, glory, money, and hope... Few ever leave


Do Not become more trouble than you are worth. If there are continuos issues, you will be advised to find somewhere else which you will be happier.

The Server has a very tight knit community. For issues where no rules are broken, but dishonourable actions are taken, players tend to take things into their own hands. Your Reputation WILL Precede you. Harassment is Not tolorated

The server has an in-game reporting function. Walk up to a player in touch range and press F1 to open a report directly to the Discord. Press F1 after death if you have reasonable suspicion of an issue.

Join the Discord and open tickets for issues